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Holiday Homes for Part Ownership + Income

Buy to Live in Spain - Carolina

Up to 8 Weeks holiday a Year & Income

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Own a Place in the Sun for only £4,950.00 and receive an income

Many people dream of owning a “Place in the Sun” but just feel its out of their reach.

With Lazy Day’s option scheme it now means that it is possible for you to part own a Holiday Home and enjoy up to 8 weeks holidays a year with the option of receiving a guaranteed income of £1,980.00 from only an investment of £4,950.00.

These benefits are all possible because we allow Fractional Ownership on specially selected Holiday Homes.

The Benefits of Fractional Ownership

The phrase “fractional ownership” basically means owning a fraction or share of a holiday home.

Unlike timeshare where most people buy just one or two weeks and have only the rights to use the property for those specific weeks each year, with fractional ownership you actually own a share of the property.

By owning a percentage of the property means that you retain tangible equity and gain the other benefits associated with property ownership without the hassle and expense of 100% ownership and maintenance.

Then if the property is sold after a number of years, the proceeds of the sale are distributed back to the owners proportionally.

A working Example

With a quarter ownership option with one of our Willerby Siena holiday homes you will be able to enjoy your private holiday home for two to eight weeks per year.  There are no management fees or added charges.

You will in addition get a fixed guaranteed return of 6% per year for a minimum of three years.  You can choose to increase this payment to 10% per year for four years by making the same investment but using your holiday allowance of eight weeks a year less.

We are able to generate the income by renting the holiday home out to carefully vetted holiday makers.

Money-back Guarantee

All of our fractional ownership properties carry a money-back guarantee

Part Ownership Investment Options

Enjoy a Lazy Days Holiday Home for up to 8 weeks every year for the next 20 years.   Your Siena Holiday Home can be enjoyed for week long stays, midweek breaks and short getaways throughout the year. You can even sell weeks to boost your income, the choice is yours.

List of Holiday Homes for Part Ownership + Income

Plot 62 – Part Share Ownership with Guaranteed Yearly Income

Click to See Details

Two Bedroomed Holiday Home

Plot 50 – Part Share Ownership with Guaranteed Yearly Income

Click to See Details

Two Bedroomed Holiday Home

Plot 40 – Part Share Ownership with Guaranteed Yearly Income

Click to See Details

Two Bedroomed Holiday Home

Some Frequently asked Questions

How long can we keep the holiday home on the park ?

All of our holiday homes have a 20 year licence from new that begins when you complete the purchase.

How will I receive an income ?

Investment Option ~ Rolling Year
Every month we will make a payment directly into your bank account, supported by a full letting statement of the income you have generated for the previous month less any expenses. You will receive this income the last working day of the month following the checkout date. For example May departures will be paid the last working day of June. Please note we will need to take Bank details to be able to organise this for you.

Investment Options ~ 3 & 4 Year Fixed
You will receive your Return on Investment within 28 days of the final anniversary date of your fixed term agreement.

How is the income guaranteed ?

Your return on investment is fully guaranteed, and if for any reason the holiday home underperforms in any 12 month period, Lazy Days in Spain agree to cover any shortfall by making an immediate top up to meet the guaranteed return on investment, net of all costs.

How many weeks rental do I have to give to qualify for the scheme ?

Investment Option ~ Rolling Year
As a minimum you have to make available the following 44 weeks out of our 52 week season to qualify for the scheme: This leaves you free to use your holiday home for up to eight weeks each season.

Investment Options ~ 3 & 4 Year Fixed
As a minimum, you have to make available 48 weeks out of our 52 week season to qualify for this scheme. This leaves you free to use your holiday home for up to four weeks each season.

Can I change the dates I have given you to let out for me ?

Free weeks are based on Holiday Home Investment price

  • £4,950    2 weeks free holiday use  ~  1 peak 1 low or 2 mid season
  • £9,900    4 weeks free holiday use  ~  1 peak 1 mid 2 low season
  • £14,850    6 weeks free holiday use  ~  1 peak 2 mid 3 low season
  • £19,800     8 weeks free holiday use  ~  2 peak 2 mid 4 low season
If I don’t want to use all of my owner weeks for personal use can you let them out on my behalf ?

Yes you can, with the exception of the mandatory dates highlighted in blue on the agreement and the allowance of 48 weeks in the season to us.  Please telephone to check availability with the letting management team on 01795 503 750 or 952 740 429 or via email.

How long can I let my Holiday Home with you after the three year guarantee ?

If your holiday home is vacant we will be more than happy to reserve it for your own use, subject to confirmation in writing. Communication between us is critical to getting the optimum usage out of your holiday home, so please do feel free to contact us as little or as much as you like.

If I don’t want to use all of my owner weeks for personal use can you let them out on my behalf ?

Yes, of course. Many of our holiday home owners purchase for investment purposes only and we would be happy to let these weeks for you to generate even more income.

What costs are involved in letting my holiday home ?

We manage the whole booking process for you. This includes marketing and advertising your holiday home, dealing with enquiries and making rental bookings as detailed in the brochure.

Other costs consisting of the following services are covered by holiday revenue.

  • Annual safety testing on gas, electric and fire extinguishers (included for the first year)
  • Utilities
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Site Fees
How safe is my rolled over interest on a three or four year term ?

Completely safe. The interest is kept in a segregated client account, which is only used to pay out rental income to ROI rental clients or to re-invest in ROI holiday homes, which the owners have a proportional share in.

We own all our parks, so in turn the rental program is underpinned by a very substantial company asset.

Continue to let your holiday home with us as long as you are an owner with us and your holiday home is maintained to a standard that meets our current brochure criteria.

How can I see whether I am earning the rental income ?

We send out monthly and quarterly income reports, (depending on the scheme you are on), from which you can see exactly how much rental income is coming in.

What if I want to exit the scheme early ?

Anytime during the scheme, the holiday home can be resold at current market value, simply by writing to Lazy Days in Spain and giving 90 Days’ notice.  Interest will be calculated to the point notice is received, and the holiday home is immediately marketed for re sale.

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